An interior that looks like you

With In-Ipso, find the solution that best suits your interior. Arrange, separate, store or decorate, your imagination has no limit, nor does our projects.


The in-ipso range

Innovative and custom-made solutions: you will find in the IN-IPSO range the answer to all your desires and problems of custom-fitting. Concepts dedicated to the dwelling: bedroom, office, dressing room, entrance, living room to those reserved for the arrangement of professional spaces : offices, counters, reception banks, canopies, libraries or wall-mounted compositions, each project is built on demand, in a truly custom-made way.
The carefully selected materials as well as the wide range will seduce cooks and decorators with the assurance of a quality product, in accordance with their expectations. IN-IPSO products are made in France !




The IN-IPSO range allows you to make the most of your room space in any configuration.


IN-IPSO offers you custom-made products to distinguish your spaces, sliding door, glass or even separate cabinet, the choice is up to you.


IIN-IPSO facilitates your storage and organizes all the rooms of your Interior according to your expectations.


A wide selection of materials, decorations and colors, you will have the possibility to perfectly match your doors of closets, closets with the interior fittings, or bathroom, bedroom, office, or any other furniture.